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Player of the Year

Patrick Deans, Lambert, Sr.

All-American and four-year player for the Longhorns will play for Johns Hopkins, one of the top college lacrosse programs in the country.

A Chris Smith, North Forsyth, Sr.

A JD Marston, Lambert, Sr. 

A Brendan Connolly, South Forsyth, Sr.

A Landon Day, West Forsyth, Jr. 

A Michael McKenzie, Denmark, Sr.

M Aidan Duca, Lambert, Sr. 

M Will Mangold, Lambert Jr. 

M Zachary Layne, South Forsyth, Jr.

M Jaiden Prosser, North Forsyth, Sr.

D Brody Beauchamp, Lambert, Sr. 

D Anthony Mazur, West Forsyth, Sr.

D Drew Kane, Lambert, Sr. 

D Jackson Rosebush, North Forsyth, Sr.

LSM Tate Snidow, West Forsyth

G Sean Snarey, South Forsyth, Sr. 

FOGO Nick Hyden, Forsyth Central, Sr.

Second team

A Chris Hutnick, West Forsyth, So. 

A Drew Kotanian, Lambert, Jr. 

M Ryan Bitterman, Denmark, So.

M Tiernan Peppe, West Forsyth, Jr. 

M Oscar Delp, West Forsyth, So.

M Dalton Tjong, West Forsyth, Jr.

M Tanner Overbay, Lambert, Jr.

D Danny Shapiro, Denmark, Jr.

D Conor Azar, Forsyth Central, Sr.

D Ben Applegate, Lambert, Sr.

D Will Spiro, Lambert, Sr.

LSM Nolan McGinley, South Forsyth, Sr. 

G Nate Gaudio, North Forsyth, Sr.

FOGO Aaron Jubard, Lambert, Sr.