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Dog the Bounty Hunter endorses Williams for governor bid
Williams Dog the Bounty Hunter
Source: YouTube

State Sen. Michael Williams has picked up a celebrity endorsement in his bid to become the next governor of Georgia.

Williams, whose District 27 contains the majority of Forsyth County, was recently endorsed by Duane Chapman, better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, in a email to supporters. Chapman, who the email listed as “campaign chairman,” said he supported Williams due to his standing behind law enforcement and President Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump running for office ignited a fire in me to get more involved with politics when good people are running,” Chapman said. “Michael Williams is one of the good guys. I hunt bad guys for a living - so I hear excuses every day. Michael Williams doesn't do excuses.”

Seth Weathers, with Williams' campaign, said the two met at the inauguration for President Donald Trump.

“Michael got to know them and the inauguration,” Weathers said. “They just kind of hit it off… We’re always happy to have [the support], especially someone that is such a big supporter of law enforcement and also such a big Donald Trump supporter."

In March, Williams released a video with Chapman endorsing his proposed Senate Bill 254, which set a minimum salary for sheriff’s deputies and the Georgia State Patrol and provided for cost-of-living and performance increases. The bill did not pass this year.

In the endorsement for governor, Chapman referenced Williams’ previous bill.

“I know Michael Williams will stand behind Georgia's law enforcement officers,” he said. “I've already seen him do it. This year in the state Senate, Michael pushed for a law enforcement pay raise for all Georgia officers. Georgia has some of the lowest-paid officers in the nation – which is why some officers are on food stamps.

“That's not right, and Michael Williams will do something about it.”

Weathers said the bill could come back next year

It does not appear Chapman is a resident of Georgia.

In March, Williams announced his candidacy for governor. He was elected to his current seat in 2014 – the first time he held political office – and re-elected in 2016.

He was also the first elected official in Georgia to endorse then-nominee Donald Trump for president and said Trump’s successful bid pushed him to run for governor.

Williams will go, so far, up against Republicans who already hold higher offices than he, including Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and Secretary of State Brian Kemp. District 6 state Sen. Hunter Hill (Atlanta) is also running to replace Gov. Nathan Deal, who is term-limited.