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City Council approves new price for pre-sale fair tickets
Cumming Fair

Advance ticket prices for the Cumming Country Fair & Festival, new vehicles for the city police department and improvements to the city’s water and sewer service were among items discussed at this week’s Cumming City Council work session on Tuesday.

All items were approved 5-0 unless otherwise noted.

Pre-sale fair tickets

After recently raising fair admission prices from $7 to $10, there will still be an option for the lower price, but those tickets will need to be bought early.

At the meeting, the council approved changing the price of pre-sale tickets from $5 to $7 for this year’s fair, which will be held on Oct. 8-18.

“One thing that dawned on me after the council took the vote on raising the prices was in the past we had pre-sale ticket prices,” said Mayor Troy Brumbalow. “It kind of just went under the radar and nobody thought of it.”

Pre-sale tickets will be sold online and at the fairgrounds office for two months before the fair and do not have to be purchased for certain days.

“You can buy 20 advance tickets, use them whenever you want to,” Brumbalow said.

Along with raising the ticket prices, city officials also recently eliminated fees at the fairgrounds’ parking lot.


New rides for Cumming PD

The Cumming Police Department will be getting five new Dodge Durangos this year, after the city council approved a bid to purchase the vehicles, which cost about $31,000 apiece, to Don Jackson Dodge in Union City.

“The reason we’re bringing to you now in February instead of later in the year is all … the vehicles we want to but, as we were looking at buying them, they all get built to order, so they don’t come from a lot anywhere,” said Chief David Marsh. “So, the problem we ran into last year was we made an order in September, and we’re probably going to take delivery of those vehicles next week or the following week.”

Marsh said the vehicles should arrive between two and 10 months after the order is placed.

He said the Durangos were cheaper than Chevy Tahoes and Ford Interceptor SUVs and the department has also looked at Dodge Chargers.

“The Dodge Chargers aren’t being built this year,” said Marsh. “They’re making some transitions from and 8-speed transmission to a 10-speed transmission. There’s a long story to that, but at the end of the day, those cars aren’t available.”

Marsh said in addition to a new model, the cars will also include “a new striping package, and we’re going to get silver cars going forward instead of black cars.”


Expanding water and sewer

The footprint of the city’s water and sewer delivery area will soon expand as the council approved $1.3 million to John Plott Co., of Tuscaloosa, Alabama for “water lines along Hwy. 369 from Hwy. 9 east towards Hammonds Crossing through [Hwy.] 306,” and some sewer work near Hwy. 9.

Engineer Andy Lovejoy said the bids for the project had come in higher than expected before removing a portion of the plan for a gravity sewer from Bald Ridge Creek to Hwy. 369, which lowered the cost of the project by nearly $1 million.

“I think what we have come up with is a reasonable balance between getting the state what they need to improve their system and saving the city money as well,” Lovejoy said.

Lovejoy said the Georgia Department of Transportation would also reimburse the city for easements for the planned widening of Hwy. 369.