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When aging sewer lines could be replaced at Lanier Islands resort
Lanier Islands
More than a decade after closing the old PineIsle Resort on Lanier Islands, the South Hall resort is trying to decide what to do with the now-vacant property.

Over the past couple of years, water bubbling up in areas where it shouldn't have caught the eyes of officials at Lanier Islands resort in South Hall.

Digging into the ground led to discovering leaky sewer pipes, but more than that, hints of a bigger problem: The resort needed to deal with sections of lines that had been underground for as long as 50 years.

“We don’t need any problems with a sewer line anywhere, no matter (if it’s) near the lake,” said Bill Donohue, executive director of Lake Lanier Islands Development Authority, a state agency that governs the privately operated tourist destination.

The authority’s efforts to address issues at the resort got funded Thursday, Nov. 4, through a $3.7 million loan from the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority.

Initially, the authority had a 5-year plan to replace the pipes, which carry flows that have to be pumped uphill to a sewer plant in the resort.

However, with three sections completed six months ago, the resort decided to “finish the project as soon as possible … because we know it’s an aging system,” Donohue said Friday, Nov. 5.

The project could start in January 2022 and finish up by May, he said.