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‘It was completely upside down’ – Forsyth Young Republicans aid driver in wreck
Police Tape web
Photo by David von Diemar on Unsplash

While many involved in politics hope to make a difference in the world, one group of political volunteers was recently able to make a difference for one driver.

On Monday, Nov. 7, the night before the Nov. 8 election, members of the Forsyth County Young Republicans had been placing signs outside of Waypoint Baptists Church, an Election Day voting location, when they came across an overturned car on Atlanta Highway. 

“It was completely upside down,” said Shane McGonigal, who was driving several other members of the group. “The car was pretty much sitting on the driver’s windshield, and all four tires were up in the air.”

McGonigal gave credit to Young Republicans member Jackson Yoder, who was the first person out of the car to attempt to contact the driver while others called 911.

“Jackson jumped out, ran over, assessed the situation, came back and reported there was still a man in the car,” he said.

Members of the group could not see his condition or get him out, but within minutes, deputies were on the scene

“Our Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office does a great job,” McGonigal said. “Of course, the incident happened so fast, but I feel like we called 911 and they said they would send someone out, and that deputy came flying in somewhere between three and 10 minutes later.”

McGonigal said once deputies arrived, the crash victim was able to get out of the car through the windshield, while members of the party got back to work.

“We went back to putting up signs,” he said. “Luckily, the rest of the night was pretty uneventful.”