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How residents can give their input on proposed McFarland Parkway transportation hub
12032022 MCFARLAND.jpeg
An interactive example of a proposed transportation hub on McFarland Parkway includes a possible high-capacity public transportation station, bike and scooter parking, electric vehicle charging, vendors or retail and landing space for air taxis.

The Forsyth County government is offering in-person and digital options for the community to give input on a proposed transportation hub in the McFarland Road area.

During the Holiday Concert at Sexton Enrichment Center, 2115 Chloe Road, on Sunday, Dec. 4, a pop-up event will be held from 3-5 p.m. for the McFarland Mobility Hub Feasibility Study. An online survey for the study is available at

According to the study’s website, those involved will look at the feasibility and potential location of the mobility hub, “a physical location that provides an integrated collection of mobility services, amenities, and supporting technologies,” in the area around Ga. 400 Exit 12.

“Services can include on-demand ridesharing, microtransit services, bikeshare, carshare, and micromobility parking and e-charging,” the website said. “Mobility hubs offer a safe, comfortable, convenient, and accessible space to transfer across different travel modes seamlessly.”

An interactive example of a mobility hub on the study’s website shows several potential offerings, including a high-capacity public transportation station for services utilizing the upcoming express lanes on GA. 400, bike and scooter parking, electric vehicle charging, vendors or retail and landing space for air taxis, which “would include an aerial on-demand transport for single passengers or a small group of riders” to other potential air taxi sites in metro Atlanta.

After this round of public comments, those conducting the study will work on mobility hub concepts before seeking public involvement again next summer as they finalize recommendations for the hub.

The mobility study is the first major initiative from the Link Forsyth Public Transportation Plan, which “guides the vision for and implementation of future public transportation investments in Forsyth County,” according to the county’s website.

For more information on the project, go to