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Gilligan wants ‘to continue the good work’
Sheri Gilligan
District 24 state Rep. Sheri Gilligan

District 24 state Rep. Sheri Gilligan is happy with what she has done in her term but wants a little more time to continue her work.

In the Republican primary on May 22, voters living in District 24 will choose between Gilligan and challenger Joanna Cloud, executive director of the Lake Lanier Association. Advance voting for the primary began on Monday.

“I’d like to have another two years to continue on this path, to continue to promote Second Amendment rights, to advocate for [a] pro-life agenda, to continue to advocate for religious freedom,” Gilligan said. “We got a good start, but I haven’t been able to get it all done yet, and I figure two more years to continue the good work.”

She said she also favors constitutional carry, looking at and reducing state licensing boards to cut spending, passing religious freedom legislation, keeping toll lanes out of Ga. 400 and reducing or ending state income tax and going to a consumption-based model.

Gilligan was first elected to the seat in a special election in 2015 and serves as a member of the House’s budget and fiscal affairs oversight, human relations and aging, natural resources and environment, code revision and science and technology committees. 

She said some of the most common complaints she hears from local residents while she is campaigning are related to traffic and gridlock in the county.

“So, that became one of the guiding principles that I wanted to go lead an effort on,” Gilligan said. “I was really glad to work with GDOT, and I’m glad to work with our local elected officials. We secured $500 million from the state to help fund these projects that are going on here. Right now, House District 24 that I represent has more lanes being added than any other House district in the state.”

Along with funding for roads, Gilligan said she was also happy to see legislation pass for funding basic quality education in the state, which she said would mean about $4 million for Forsyth County, and setting the income tax rate at 5.75 percent 2019 and 5.5 percent 2020.

Gilligan is a Forsyth County native and said she lives about a mile away from her childhood home. After graduating from the University of Georgia, she relocated to the Washington, D.C. area where she joined the U.S. Navy Reserves and worked in the intelligence field, including working for the CIA and other agencies. 

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