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Two fail restaurant inspections

A pair of Forsyth County restaurants have received failing grades in recent health assessments.

Sho Asian Cuisine, 4335 Bethelview Road, and Subway, 3130 Mathis Airport Parkway, recently earned U, or unsatisfactory for a score under 70, in assessments done by the Forsyth County Department of Public Health between June 17 and July 16.

Sho received a score of 42 in an assessment done on July 5.

The inspector counted off points for managerial controls not being “satisfactory for establishment to be in compliance with code,” employees not washing hands, employee drink on prop table, both kitchen hand sinks blocked, sources of meats and fish could not be determined and “receipts for fish could not be produced,” parasite destruction letters for sushi fish could not be produced, dirty ice machines, knives and equipment, food held at improper temperatures, no clear date markings on temperature-controlled foods, bottle of cleaner not labeled, food containers stored in drinking ice, containers of chicken stored on top of trash can, employers not wearing hair restraints, knife stored between dirty equipment, rice scoops in stagnant room temperature water, cooler shelves, equipment surfaces, floors, walls and ceiling dirty.

The restaurant previously earned scores of 86 on Jan. 4 and 80 on June 22, 2017.

Restaurants that earn failing grades are revisited within 10 business days. No score for a second inspection had been posted as of press time.

Restaurant officials could not be reached for comment.

Subway earned a 66 on an evaluation done on June 22. The restaurant scored a 77 on a July 9 evaluation.

In the first evaluation, the restaurant was penalized for no satisfactory managerial controls, employees improperly washing hands, could not demonstrate training for employees to report health issues, rinsed and stored knife as clean, food at improper temperatures and food permit not posted.

Two previous scores of 96 were given on Jan. 5 and June 23, 2017.

Restaurant officials could not be reached for comment.