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Forsyth County Schools active COVID-19 cases dip slightly before start of Labor Day weekend
07152020 Board of Education 1

Overall active COVID-19 cases in Forsyth County Schools dropped slightly over this past week, with the district reporting nearly 800 active cases Friday morning ahead of the Labor Day weekend.

The school system saw its highest peak in cases since the beginning of the pandemic the week before when they reported 1,022 active cases on Saturday, Aug. 28.

That report came five days after the district began its Keep Forsyth Safe campaign to try to encourage families to wear face masks and follow COVID-19 guidelines while indoors or in large groups.

Since that peak, the number of active cases has slowly started to drop.

On Friday morning, the district reported a total of 687 active student cases and another 101 active staff cases — a total of 788. These numbers are counted out of a population of more than 55,600 face-to-face students and staff.

Active cases are counted as each face-to-face student or staff member who has tested positive for COVID-19. Cases are no longer considered active 10 days after an individual tested positive for the virus, which is the amount of time they are expected to quarantine at home.

The district also added the number of new cases reported each day to its daily COVID-19 reports beginning on Friday, Aug. 27. Since then, at least 100 new cases have been reported each day with the exception of weekends.

FCS reported a total of 118 total new student and staff cases Friday morning.

Despite the number of active cases going down, some community members worry that case numbers will rise again as families get together or travel for upcoming holidays, including the long weekend for Labor Day celebrations.

Students were released early from school Friday to get a head start to the weekend.

District leaders have not released any other updates regarding COVID-19 guidelines since releasing exposure and quarantine information on its website and announcing the Keep Forsyth Safe Campaign on Aug. 23.

Several parents and community members have asked the district in recent weeks to mandate masks in schools. FCS spokeswoman Jennifer Caracciolo said feedback from parents and guardians, either positive or negative, has otherwise been based on specific situations impacting their students.

She said those specific situations are addressed at the local school level.

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