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City council hears 2022 budget proposal during work session
City Hall

Both revenues and expenditures are expected to increase for the city of Cumming in 2022.

During the Cumming City Council’s work session on Wednesday, Nov. 3, council members heard a presentation from City Administrator Phil Higgins about the city’s proposed 2022 budget.

Higgins said the preliminary 2022 budget is balanced at about $42.4 million, which is greater than the 2021 adopted budget of $38.9 million. 

The city budget is the total of the proposed general fund ($15.5 million), water and sewer ($25.8 million) and capital projects fund ($1.1 million) budgets.

For the general fund, the largest expected revenues are about $8.7 million in administration fees, $1.6 million from the aquatic center, $1.5 million from the Cumming Fairgrounds, $1.1 million from the municipal court and $1.1 million from planning and zoning.

For revenues, one of the largest increases will come from the city’s municipal court, which had expected revenue of $450,000 in the 2021 budget.

The fund’s largest planned expenditures are $3,009,550 for the police department, almost $2 million in street work, $1.9 million for parks and recreation and $1.8 million for the fairgrounds. There is also a contingency of $1.2 million.

One of the biggest changes in expenditures for next year is for capital improvements, which was adopted at $19,065 in 2022.

For the water and sewer fund, the largest revenues are $12,000,000 for water sales, $8.3 million for sewer charges, $3.8 million for sewer plant reserves.

The largest planned expenditures for that fund are $8.8 million for capital improvements, $7.7 million for distribution, $4.7 million for production and $4.4 million for waste water.

Council members did not take any action on the budget, and the item will return for a public hearing on Tuesday, Nov. 16.