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Four restaurants fail recent health inspections

Four eateries in Forsyth County received failing scores in recent health assessments.

Between April 12 and May 16, Bawarchi Biryanis, Mumbai Indian Bistro, Rio Balsas and Sequoia Golf Olde Atlanta failed inspections by the Forsyth County Environmental Health Department.

Bawarchi Biryanis, at 1614 Peachtree Parkway, received a score of 51 for unsatisfactory managerial controls, no soap in hand sink, food container and food debris in hand sink, no established procedures for medical events, raw chicken stored near to ready-to-eat food, bread baskets stored clean with food debris, food at improper temperature, food covered while cooling, employees prepping food with watches, utensils stored in stagnant water and scoop handle touching bulk food. 

Businesses that receive failing scores are revisited within 10 business days.

The restaurant was reevaluated on Wednesday and earned a 92. The restaurant had previous scores of 36 on Oct. 10, 2017 and 90 on Oct. 19, 2017. Restaurant officials could not be reached for comment.

Mumbai Indian Bistro, 5354 McGinnis Ferry Road Ste 226 A, received a score of 59 on April 18 before passing a follow-up inspection on May 3 with a 92. 

The failed inspection was the result of food at improper temperatures, cooking liquids not properly labeled, cooked chicken covered while cooling, no notice informing customers to use clean dishes in self-service areas, employee propping food wearing a watch, dirty utensils and containers stored in vegetable prep sink, bowls used to dispense dry, bulk food, unused, preset tableware not removed when customer seated after the customer is finished, reusing single-use containers and outside of equipment and shelving soiled with “food debris, grease and dirt.”

Previously, Mumbai Indian Bistro scored a 100 on Sept. 19, 2017.

Manager Edwin Dsouza said the restaurant was dealing with plumbing and electrical issues due to rain on the day of the inspection and said it was an unfortunate day for an inspection but he didn’t blame the health department. He said everything was better for the second inspection.

Rio Balsas, located at 1495 Dahlonega Highway, received a score of 59 on a May 10 inspection due to no valid food safety manager certificate, no employee health policy, no established procedures for medical events, fish indicated as undercooked on menu without parasite destruction letter, food containers with food residue on oils on them stored as clean, food held at improper temperatures, dirty sides and surfaces of equipment and employees hanging purses over food-handling zones. 

The restaurant previously earned scores of 94 on Nov. 1, 2017 and 62 on Oct. 19, 2017. Restaurant officials could not be reached for comment. 

Rio Balsas earned a score of 89 on a follow-up inspection on May 17.

Sequoia Golf Olde Atlanta, 5750 Olde Atlanta Parkway, earned a 41 on a May 9 inspection. 

The score was the result of unsatisfactory managerial controls, cook returned to kitchen for food prep without washing hands, food handled with bare hands, no satisfactory documentation showing customers, employee drinks on food prep surfaces, no paper towels at hand sink, no established procedures for medical events, raw shrimp stored near ready-to-eat food, food at improper temperatures, food not used or discarded within seven-day discard date, food stored above sink, cloths not stored in sanitizer, vegetables not washed before prepping, no hot water at bar or vegetable sink, accumulation of food debris, open doors in kitchen and inability to determine ”if parasite letter is most recent because invoice was not provided for salmon.”

The restaurant earned a score of 90 in a reevaluation on May 23. 

Officials with the restaurant could not be reached for comment.

Previous scores of 90 and 75 were earned on Oct. 26, 2017 and Sept. 19, 2017, respectively.