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Three eateries receive failing health scores in the last month

Three Forsyth County restaurants recently failed health inspections between May 16 and June 16.

During that period, Ichiban Steak and Sushi, Smokey Q and Taco Macho received failing scores in inspections done by the Forsyth County Environmental Health Department.

Ichiban Steak and Sushi, 410 Peachtree Parkway Ste. 112, received a 63 on an inspection on May 23.

The inspector found employee drinks, food and cigarettes on or above food and utensil areas, lids for food in walk-in freezer not properly labeled, raw beef stored over ready-to-eat food, food held in cooler at improper temperature.

In a follow-up inspection on June 5, the restaurant earned a 100.

Businesses that receive failing scores are revisited within 10 business days.

Manager Madison Freeman said the inspection happened the day after an electrical storm had caused a power shortage in the restaurant’s cooler and that the issue had since been “completely fixed” and had no problems. 

The restaurant previously earned scores of 73 on April 9 and 75 on Oct. 4, 2017. 

On June 12, Smokey Q, 1850 Bald Ridge Marina Road, received an inspection score of 64.

The report noted the restaurant’s violations included a hand sink blocked by personal items, the person in charge was “now knowledgeable about food service practices and policies,” expired food safety manager certificate, an employee touched raw beef “then continued to touch utensils, equipment and salt and pepper shakers without immediately removing gloves and washing hands,” putting on gloves without washing hands, could not show employees informed of responsibility to report health and activities transmissible  through food, raw beef stored on ready-to-eat foods, ready-to-eat foods not properly labeled, prepping food with hair not restrained and  no strips to test for chlorine.

It does not appear a follow-up inspection had been performed as of press time.

Smokey Q previously received scores of 87 on Dec. 13, 2017 and 97 on June 6, 2017

Restaurant officials declined to comment. 

Taco Macho, 5320 Atlanta Highway, received a score of 54 in a May 16 inspection.

Reasons given for the score included employees not washing hands between handling raw products and ready-to-eat foods, “multiple violations indicate a lack of managerial control over facility,” manager does not have employee health policy in facility, employee drinks on prep table, soap dispenser at hand sink not turned on, hand sink blocked by cilantro, no cleanup procedure in facility, food containers still have stickers, food held at improper temperature, alcohol/first aid supplies stored over slices on shelf, food cooled in too-deep pans, pork thawing at room temperature, pork “thawing in black plastic garbage bag,” wet wiping cloths stored on prep tables and sanitizer not strong enough, scoops and containers stored in contact with food, food containers stacked while wet, no toilet paper or soap in restroom and ceiling link in facility.

Taco Macho earned a score of 71 in a follow-up inspection on May 24 and previously had scores of 81 on Oct. 16, 2017 and 82 on May 11, 2017.

Restaurant officials could not be reached for comment.