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Peaches and Pine store opens in Matt Town Center, offers unique finds
From right to left, Lilly Letourneau, County Commissioner Cindy Jones Mills, Lindsay Letourneau, Matt Letourneau, Chief Building Official Kenny Barber, Deputy Director of Building and Economic Development John Jambro and Jackson Letourneau gathered in front of Peaches and Pine for the ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, Nov. 25. - photo by Sabrina Kerns

As they have gotten older in the past couple of years, Lindsay Letourneau started to give some advice to her son and daughter about the importance of sticking to their passions and following their dreams, and after some important reflection, she came to a realization herself — she was not following her own advice.

Letourneau has always been happy in her career in health care technology sales, which she has worked at for 17 years, but what she truly has always loved is fashion and decor.

Outside of work, she focuses much of her time on going out to find unique pieces to make her family’s house truly feel like home, and she has always dreamed of opening her own shop in her community where others can find unique pieces for their own homes and wardrobes.

While she has spent many years dreaming of this shop, she said it simply never felt like the right time to follow through with it. That was until she heard about the plan for the new Matt Town Center at the intersection of Matt Highway and Bannister Road, a large development for the north part of the county where residents have not seen as much growth.

“It felt like the stars aligned when we realized they were going to break ground [on a project] here right near our home and in our community,” Letourneau said.

She and her family opened her new store, Peaches and Pine, for the first time on Black Friday, Nov. 27, celebrating the store’s opening, their new customers and the holidays with weekend-long deals and a toy drive benefiting The Place of Forsyth.

Located at the Matt Town Center, Letourneau described Peaches and Pine as a lifestyle store where customers could truly find unique pieces for their home and wardrobe and unique gifts for friends and family anytime a birthday comes around, a loved one buys a new home, a friend gets married and many other special occasions.

She said she envisions Peaches and Pine as a true part of the Matt Community, which is why she also wanted to kick off the store’s opening with a toy drive to help get gifts to kids during the holidays.

“Part of opening this store is we want to make sure that we’re giving back to the community in various ways whether that’s through charities or supporting local schools with fundraising efforts that they might have,” Letourneau said.

Letourneau and her husband, Matt, love getting out and being part of the community, with her volunteering as the president of the Parent Teacher Organization at Matt Elementary and him coaching baseball to kids in his free time. They hope that Peaches and Pine can add to that feeling of connectedness with the community and even allow them to meet others they otherwise never would have met before.

When thinking of what she wanted Peaches and Pine to be, Letourneau was inspired by Parsons Gifts, a popular gift and collectibles store that was located in Lakeland Plaza before it closed nearly a year ago. She said so many absolutely loved the shop, holding it and its owners close to their hearts.

While she said she can’t compare Peaches and Pine to Parsons, Letourneau said she is excited to offer customers the same kind of unique items that they could find there before.

Letourneau said that she and Cris Willis, who owned Parsons along with her husband, Gary, have become close friends as she started asking her for some advice and meeting with her every week. She said that Willis has become a great mentor to her recently.

“It’s important to surround yourself with knowledgeable people who have had success doing what you’re trying to do that have come before you, so she has been an amazing resource,” Letourneau said. “She’s such an amazing person.”

While opening a new business during the busiest time of the year during a global pandemic was stressful, Letourneau said it was also equally exciting, especially with so much support not only from Willis and her family, but also the community.

She started the Peaches and Pine website, Facebook page and Instagram a little earlier on, and she started hearing from others about how excited they were for the shop to open. The little comments went a long way, boosting Letourneau’s confidence in the shop.

“It’s truly been so heartwarming for us to hear this, and it really helps to solidify that we made the right decision in opening something like this and doing it in the community that we live in,” she said.

She and her family held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the store on Wednesday, Nov. 25, ahead of the holiday, inviting Forsyth County Commissioner Cindy Jones Mills, Chief Building Official Kenny Barber and John Jambro, deputy director of Building and Economic Development to come out and celebrate with them.

The store is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday.

Now that the store is officially open, Letourneau said she is excited to meet everyone and welcome those in her community to the new store.

“We love meeting new people, and I can’t wait for all of those people that we’ve talked to as well as folks that have never heard of or seen Peaches and Pine but might be just driving by or coming in to go grocery shopping or eventually coming in to get their nails done in the plaza — for them to stop in and come see us,” Letourneau said.