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Live updates: Forsyth County, Georgia 2020 primary election results
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Voters in Forsyth County and across Georgia went to the polls on Tuesday, June 9, for the state's primary election, an historic one given the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

Polls in Forsyth County closed at 7 p.m. 

Update, Wednesday, June 10 (1:23 a.m.): Preliminary numbers for the June 9 primary were released early on Wednesday morning, but officials said it could be days before the official results are known due to an unprecedented number of mail-in ballots.

Forsyth County Board of Education, District 3


Tom Cleveland (I): 80.71%

Barry Herrin: 19.29%

Precincts reporting: 100.0%

Total votes: 4,121


Forsyth County Board of Education, District 5


Lindsey Adams: 85.00%

Bibi Lopez: 15.00%

Precincts reporting: 100.0%

Total votes: 4,513


Forsyth County Board of Commissioners, District 4


Ken Anderson: 18.13%

Amy Barfield: 15.70%

Brandy Bevis: 4.97%

Cindy Jones Mills (I): 61.20%

Precincts reporting: 100.0%

Total votes: 5,714

Forsyth County Coroner

Paul Holbrook: 63.28%

Ted Paxton: 36.72%

Precincts reporting: 100.0%

Total votes: 22,919


U.S. House, District 7


Carolyn Bourdeaux: 47.01%

John Eaves: 8.18%

Nabilah Islam: 12.74%

Zahra S. Karinshak: 6.84%

Rashid Malik: 11.00%

Brenda Lopez Romero: 14.22%



Lisa Noel Babbage: 5.50%

Mark Gonsalves: 7.71%

Lynne Homrich: 5.74%

Zachary H. Kennemore: 2.08%

Rich McCormick: 54.73%

Renee S. Unterman:  18.01%

Eugene Yu: 6.28%

Precincts reporting: 50%


U.S. House, District 9


Devin Pandy: 32.69%

Brooke Siskin: 41.47%

Dan Wilson: 25.84%


Michael Boggus: 3.19%

Paul Broun: 13.39%

Andrew Clyde: 18.80%

Matt Gurtler: 21.48%

Maria Strickland: 3.34%

Kevin Tanner: 15.37%

Ethan Underwood: 7.76%

Kellie Weeks: 4.44%

John K. Wilkinson: 12.24%

Precincts reporting: 100%

Georgia House, District 9


Sharon L. Ravert: 100%


Steve Leibel: 20.27%

Doug Sherrill: 17.81%

Clint Smith: 8.16%

Tyler Tolin: 7.02%

Zack Tumlin: 11.89%

Will Wade: 34.85%

Precincts reporting: 100%

Georgia House, District 22


Charles Ravencraft: 48.06%

Bobbi L. Simpson: 51.94%


Wes Cantrell (I): 100.0%

Precincts reporting: 33.33%

U.S. Senate


Sarah Riggs Amico: 12,32%

Marckeith DeJesus: 4.15%

James Knox: 4.53%

Tricia Carpenter McCracken: 2.98%

Jon Ossoff: 51.18%

Maya Dillard Smith: 9.25%

Teresa Pike Tomlinson: 15.59%


David Perdue (I):  100.0%

Precincts reporting: 91.77%

Forsyth County Democratic Party questions

Do you support marijuana legalization for those 21 and older, with taxes from sales dedicated to supporting infrastructure and education? 

Yes: 78.78%

No: 21.22%

Total votes: 11,206

Do you think our government has the responsibility to enact policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? 

Yes: 95.25%

No: 4.75%

Total votes: 11.203

Should Georgia fully expand Medicaid, covering an additional 300,000+ Georgians?

Yes: 88.99%

No: 11.01%

Total votes: 11,118

Should Georgia adopt same-day voter registration? 

Yes: 84.03%

No: 15.97%

Total votes: 11.208

Should the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners focus on the current lack of affordable housing in the area for the elderly, retail workers, food and beverage workers, custodial workers, law enforcement, fire department personnel, teachers, caregivers, etc.?

Yes: 86.64%

No: 13.36%

Total votes: 11,058

Do you support term limits on the number of terms an elected official may serve in a particular elected office? 

Yes: 94.22%

No: 5.78%

Total votes: 11,156

Should Forsyth County invest in beautification projects such as median landscaping, mast arms for stop lights, and upgraded signing similar to John's Creek, Alpharetta, Roswell, and Sugar Hill? 

Yes: 76.35%

No: 23.65%

Total votes: 11,085

Do you support requiring background checks for all gun purchases, including those made privately from someone other than a federally licensed firearms dealer? 

Yes: 97.47%

No: 2.53%

Total votes: 11,223

Do you support comprehensive immigration reform to provide a path to citizenship for individuals that have long established roots in the US?

Yes: 95.73%

No: 4.27%

Total votes: 11,176

Do you believe the Forsyth County school staff should be more reflective of the increasing diverse population in the County? 

Yes: 85.74%

No: 14.26%

Total votes: 10,950

Do you believe that all Forsyth County schools should take trips to historical sites which focus on Georgia's part in the Civil Rights movement? 

Yes: 83.79%

No: 16.21%

Total votes: 10,964

Forsyth County Republican Party questions

Should the County Commission ensure all current bonds (debt) are redeemed (paid off) prior to issuing new bonds and, therefore, not incur additional debt before existing debt is paid off?

Yes: 81.97%

No: 18.03%

Total votes: 24,774

Should the County invest in beautification projects such as median landscaping, mast arms for stop lights, and upgraded signage similar to John's Creek, Alpharetta, Roswell and Sugar Hill? 

Yes: 62.41%

No: 37.59%

Total votes: 24,882

Should the county charter be revised to provide that a Chairman of the County Commission be elected in an at-large, county wide election? 

Yes: 76.51%

No: 23.49%

Total votes: 24,343

Should the Board of Commissioners pass a Resolution in support of Forsyth County becoming a Second Amendment Protected County (sometimes referred to as a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary County”)?

Yes: 76.06%

No: 23.94%

Total votes: 24,440

Visit the Secretary of State's website for full statewide results.